This statement emphasizes the importance of employees in the organization and the organization's commitment to valuing and developing them. The statement highlights that the organization respects work, knowledge, talent, and creativity and provides an environment that stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. The organization regularly shares news about its performance and growth with its employees to enhance their ownership and pride in the organization. The organization also helps its employees to chart out their career paths by offering opportunities for growth, learning, and development.

The statement also mentions that the organization offers the best compensation, benefits, rewards, infrastructure, and facilities. It offers an environment of self-motivation, self-initiation, and self-discipline. The organization values a professional and participative style of functioning, which inspires team members and helps them act as brand ambassadors. The statement concludes by listing the key competencies required for anyone to be part of Team Proactive Search, which includes a positive attitude, willingness to learn, good communication skills, self-motivation, self-discipline, and a never-say-die attitude.